The purpose of TY-015 and TB-019 Model Dehumidifiers is to reduce the work load of carpet cleaning companies and to minimize delivery times.

The device is fully digitally controlled. Digital Hygrostat is used to keep the desired humidity in the room stable. Our Digital Thermostat is used to stabilize the room at 25-30 ° C, the best moisture retention.

Carpet should not be laid without drying

Another purpose is to create healthy environments. Prof. Dr. Metintaş writes in his article titled ALI CARPET DRYING NOT DRYED ', after the carpets are washed in a humid house, toxins are mixed with the air and cause health problems.

In damp carpets, some bacteria and organic substances that can be found between the fibers can multiply. These are fungi and some bacteria. These toxins can get up and trigger asthma attacks in asthmatic patients and cause severe asthma attacks. Professor Dr. Metintaş stated that some susceptible persons would cause problems in the airways that we call 'bronchiolitis obliterans'. Here, the most important factor in using this machine is human health.

In addition to carpet drying, other uses are jamb drying, food drying, construction drying, timber drying etc. It can be listed.

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