The Beginning of Use of Steam Technology in the Cleaning Industry

Steam technology, which started with the discovery of fire, was used technically for the first time with the construction of a steam cannon by Archimedes. And now, water vapor is one of the building blocks of the industrial revolution, being used in many industrial areas. The cleaning sector is one of these.

Nowadays, intensive use of chemicals in cleaning processes brings with it some negative situations. Especially the increasing number of allergic cases of asthma and the use of more chemicals than normal in the cleaning processes at homes, schools and other living spaces are also effective.

These negative situations brought about by industrialization have led to the development and widespread use of steam cleaning machines that will provide even higher levels of hygiene.

Cleaning with steam cleaning machines provides much more hygiene than cleaning with normal hot water.

And since no chemicals are used, it eliminates situations that harm people in the cleaning areas.

If we give an example from the past of the hygiene and power of steam technology; During wars, steam technology (oven devices) were used to disinfect and clean soldiers' clothes in order to prevent epidemic diseases.

Areas where Steam Cleaning Machines are Used in Today's Industry:

Both textile surfaces such as cleaning of sofas, chairs, beds, carpets, parquet, walls and tiles in living spaces, bathroom, toilet and kitchen cleaning, radiator cleaning, vehicle interior cleaning, (vehicle seats and all vehicle surfaces) vehicle engine cleaning, glass cleaning. Steam cleaners can now be used on both hard floors. It is used in many areas such as post-construction cleaning, hygiene cleaning of water factories and water demijohns, maintenance and cleaning of all machines on the production line in factories, cleaning of industrial generators and air conditioners, cleaning of parts in auto services, etc.

The machines, which have a wide usage network, have many users such as individual users, cleaning companies, sofa washing companies, restaurants, markets, hospitals, health sectors, schools, education sector, car washing stations, stores, production companies, etc.

How to Clean with Steam Cleaners

The water put into the machines slowly creates steam after its boiling point and comes out of the machine as dry steam at 170 degrees. Steam is sprayed on the surface to be cleaned and stains and dirt on the surface are separated by steam and cleaning is achieved.

The remaining moisture on textile surfaces is removed by steam spraying and vacuumed with a steam cleaning machine. The cleaned surface dries in a short time. Mites and mites that we cannot see with the naked eye can be destroyed by steam cleaning.

After spraying steam on hard floors, remove any remaining moisture with a dry, clean cloth. And the cleaned surface remains completely dry. Some machines also have hard floor vacuuming devices.

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