New formations in the field of marketing vary with the increase in technology. New marketing tools and new marketing networks are constantly evolving and varying.

In today's markets where change is the only truth, it is not enough to react to the market for success, and it is necessary to direct the market. An analytical-observer perspective and a keen vision of what change can bring is the key to our success in the new economy.

Our method is a process that consists of planning, implementation and control stages and the steps of our approach are to select the appropriate target market and to create appropriate products / services and programs.

Our approach is to find ways of creating value and to reach our general business objectives by presenting this value to appropriate target masses.

& Observation

The most fundamental point of our sectoral approach is to accurately assess and identify customer demands and needs. New technologies and new service strategies bring together continuous improvement. In the world where technology is changing rapidly, we update our sales marketing activities in accordance with today's conditions. For this reason, we keep our internal training and motivation resources up to date to improve our employees' analysis, observation and marketing capabilities.


Preparing a business/ project proposal is the most important step in our organization.

Our target area is continuously developing with different customer portfolios in our target market.

In the industrial cleaning machines group, we are developing different projects and business / machine offerings / designs with the solutions we prepare according to the sectors and products.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors with a competitive approach by dividing them according to their customer portfolio in order to provide the best service in different products / services.

We contribute to sectoral development with different usage areas of our products focused on human and environmental health.


Following the target market selection and project proposal design, we are planning a plan for these components together with the correct product / service positioning. A good planning is to determine all the details that will add value to the customers.

It is a part of our after-sales services detailing process to ensure that the right product is delivered to the customers in our target market through appropriate distribution channels.

At this stage, work on quotations, prices, sales, orders, delivery, installation and after sales services and customer communications will go through detailed planning. This process varies according to product groups.

Value Continuation

It is part of our sustainable approach to provide continuity for our customer value and to maintain its long-term existence and to maintain its existing customer base.

In other words, the purpose of our management, business purpose in need in the market to reach (worth requesting) consumer masses  (target masses) to find and the needs of this target masses by offering value packages can meet better than competitors ((products, services, distribution, after-sales services) to realize the business objectives.

And being committed to our sustainability goals when we do this is part of our sectoral approach.