Cable Type Floor
Cleaning Machines

Ideal machine for narrow space cleaning. Your practical assistant is now faster and more efficient.

Easy to use, fast, efficient, floor care machine in small and medium-sized areas, saving cleaning costs.

In medium-sized areas, floor cleaning is more practical with our machines. Allows you to do your job faster. Saves your cleaning costs.

In wide areas, effective cleaning with large capacity. Easy, fast, effective and reliable floor washing machine. Great cleaning costs last.

Battery Type Floor
Cleaning Machines

It's designed for effective and quality cleaning of small and medium sized areas. Cafe, market, restaurant, shop, workshop etc. It's preferred in tight spaces.

Easy to use, fast, efficient, floor care machine in small and medium-sized areas, saving cleaning costs. It provides practicality in all areas with cordless usage.

Easy to use, fast, efficient, floor care machine in small and medium-sized areas, saving cleaning costs. Practical use of cleaning works in every area in our battery model.

In large areas, effective cleaning with large capacity. Easy, fast, effective and reliable floor washing machine. Great cleaning costs last. With its battery-operated feature, it can be used in all areas.

Ride-On Type Floor
Cleaning Machines

Efficient, ergonomic, safe floor washing machine for industrial cleaning.

Effective solution for cleaning large areas. Practical use, effective cleaning adds value to your work.

Your choice in large areas with effective cleaning. Easy to use with ergonomic structure.

Ideal product for cleaning floors in large areas...

Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Ideal product for general cleaning. Durable, aesthetic, easy and quiet usage.

Durable aesthetic body, easy and quiet use. Effective cleaning with 42 cm brush.

Manual carpet cleaning, 50 cm brush diameter and faster and more efficient use. Efficient and fast cleaning on large floors and large areas.

Double 38 cm brush for carpet cleaning and floor cleaning your business partner.

Floor Cleaning Machines


Floor cleaning machines are industrial cleaning machines used for washing and vacuuming hard floors. In the cleaning sector, nearly 100% dedusting is aimed in commercial areas. The aim of this goal is to create more hygienic, healthy, efficient and quality areas.

Dedusting in businesses can essentially be accomplished in two steps.

The first of these steps is to sweep the floor with industrial type vacuum cleaners,

The second is; The areas to be cleaned are washed and vacuumed with a floor cleaning machine.

Floor cleaning machines are cleaning machines that can be used on almost all types of hard floors. This group of machines, also called floor washing machines, has the widest usage area among industrial cleaning machines.

One machine can perform the tasks of watering, brushing and vacuuming the water at the same time.We see that these machines are also called industrial floor washing machines because they perform these three functions at the same time.

With a single worker, it is possible to both brush and vacuum the dirt on the brushed surface with water in a single passIn this way, it facilitates the work of cleaning personnel and creates more productive work areas. These products, which save time, water and energy, are now used more widely in industrial areas.

A floor cleaning machine can be used to clean all kinds of floors, except for surfaces affected by water such as wooden surfaces. On wooden floors, water and brushing with water will damage both the wooden floor and the polish on the floor. It is a cleaning machine that should not be used on surfaces whose contents are unknown without prior knowledge.


How are Floor Cleaning Machines grouped?


Floor cleaning machines can be grouped in two ways according to their electrical power supply types:

Electric floor cleaning machine: Corded usage is available in electrical products. There is no working time problem in these products. The machine can be used at any time without charging problems. Vacuum and brush motors are more powerful than battery-powered products. The use of a corded floor cleaning machine should be in a way that does not affect the safety of users and those in the cleaning area.

Battery floor cleaning machines: They are used in areas that are not suitable for corded use. The operating time of battery-powered products is limited. Brush and vacuum motors have less power than electric products. Since it is used wirelessly, the user can be more flexible when cleaning.

However, floor washing machines can be examined and selections can be made according to the size of the area used, the shape of the area, the frequency and type of use of the area.


Floor Cleaning Machines are grouped in two ways according to their usage:

Walk behind floor cleaning machines: Used in small, medium and large areas.

Ride-on floor cleaning machines: Ride-on floor cleaning machines are preferred in very large areas where there is room for maneuvering.

Floor cleaning machines, or in other words floor cleaning automats, can have roller brushes and horizontal brushes. Floor washing machines with roller brushes or floor washing automatic machines are not a preferred cleaning machine due to their low pressure.

In horizontal brush floor washing machines, the pressure force applied to the floor is greater as the friction area and friction force increases. For this reason, it is the most preferred cleaning machine type among floor washing machine types.

The use of floor cleaning machines in professional cleaning services has increased over time. It is used extensively by both institutions and cleaning companies in the cleaning of public areas. It has a wide range of usage areas, from courthouses to hospitals, from bus terminals to schools, from airports to tax offices.

It is an indispensable type of cleaning machine in private sector areas such as factory floor cleaning, showroom cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, plaza cleaning, market cleaning.