Vacuum cleaners are vacuum cleaners that can be used for cleaning many areas in small, medium and large sized companies. They provide effective vacuuming for the cleaning of dry, wet and damp areas. Capacities are between 25-75 lt. This product useful wet and dry cleaner for , office, factory, workshop, warehouses, school, auto hairdressers, mosque etc.

Vacuum machines designed for general purpose, daily use. Useful machines for cleaning companies, hotels, dormitories, offices etc. vacuum cleaners.

Industrial vacuum machines are industrial type vacuum cleaners has working capacity for 24 hours and designed for cleaning dust and wastes of industrial areas and / or dust sensitive areas.

Our mosque sweeper models are powerful vacuum cleaning machines that provide effective cleaning in the cleaning of the mosque and / or cleaning large areas covered with carpet. Carpet beating brush and carpets, hair, hair, provide deep cleaning without lint.