In the industrial carpet cleaning business, the latest technology products that provide more effective cleaning in carpets, minimizing your workmanship and consumables costs.

The most important product which is make dry carpets around %95 in carpet cleaning business. Our models are wheeled or shock absorber.

Our carpet dust removal machine has taken its place in the sector as one of the most important machines of carpet washing factories with its features such as reducing the washing cost and improving the quality of cleaning.
The biggest advantage of the carpet dust removal machine is that it reduces the washing time of the carpet and causes a significant increase in the quality of cleaning.

Carpet Dryer with dehumidifying feature provides hygienic drying for drying carpet without exposure to sunlight. In the drying rooms made with dehumidification machine, a very clean and hygienic drying is provided in very short time.

The machine, which can pull the air inside the carpet before or after washing the carpets, also softens the carpet by scanning the hairs. It is a machine where you can make carpet packing business professionally.

Manual carpet cleaning, floor washing and polishing machines are used in the work. Saves you time with practical usage.