In the industrial carpet cleaning business, the latest technology products that provide more effective cleaning in carpets, minimizing your workmanship and consumables costs.

The most important product which is make dry carpets around %95 in carpet cleaning business. Our models are wheeled or shock absorber.

Our carpet dust removal machine has taken its place in the sector as one of the most important machines of carpet washing factories with its features such as reducing the washing cost and improving the quality of cleaning.
The biggest advantage of the carpet dust removal machine is that it reduces the washing time of the carpet and causes a significant increase in the quality of cleaning.

Carpet Dryer with dehumidifying feature provides hygienic drying for drying carpet without exposure to sunlight. In the drying rooms made with dehumidification machine, a very clean and hygienic drying is provided in very short time.

The machine, which can pull the air inside the carpet before or after washing the carpets, also softens the carpet by scanning the hairs. It is a machine where you can make carpet packing business professionally.

Manual carpet cleaning, floor washing and polishing machines are used in the work. Saves you time with practical usage.

Carpet Washing Business

How should the carpet washing place?

  • Carpet washing facility should be between 100 square meters and 300 square meters.
  • Installation of water system according to the machine to be used.
  • Must be industrial electrical installation. (Triphase). the electrical system must be installed according to the power of the machines used.
  • A minibus to pick up carpets and deliver.


Carpet Washing Process


1. Carpet Dust Remover

It's an optional item. to be used for more effective cleaning.

Fast and efficient cleaning – Dusts approximately 500m2 of carpet using only 3-4 kW per hour - Reduces physical labor by 50% - Filtered system improves air quality - Powerful cleaning cycle with bristles rotating up to 20 cycles per second - Requires very little maintenance or additional expense.

This energy efficient, low-maintenance Carpet Dust Removal machine  is one of the most important pre-cleaning machines in a carpet cleaning business. Since removing the dust from carpets accounts for 50% of the labor required in cleaning carpets, this machine not only increases working efficiency but improves air quality as the carpet passes through the machine’s filtered environment. With 20 brush cycles per second and approximately 50-100g of dust powder removed on a single 6m2 pass, this highly effective machine can do what no one can physically do.

2. Carpet Washing


2.1 Manuel Carpet Washing

You can wash the carpets manually with the following machine.

Advantages: it is cheap and good for starting.

Disadvantages: Compared to automatic machines, you get more fatigue and longer washing time; you can wash 20-30 meters square per hour.




2.2 Automatic Carpet Washing - Banded System Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

This fully automatic carpet cleaning machine is the staple of many businesses. This truly amazing machine is capable of cleaning the most soiled, stained, pet-hair infested carpets at a minimal cost

The machine’s easy-to-use computerized LCD control panel uses a single button operation to adjust the pre-wash, cleaning, and rinsing cycles according to the dirtiness of the carpet.

Its exclusively-designed circular brushes cleaning system also adjusts to the thickness of the carpet and its fibers.

Advantages over the rail machine;

  • Less labor
  • Faster washing
  • Carpet roll winding
  • Rinse system
  • Rake




3. Carpet Centrifuge Dryer

This machine is a necessary addition because, as a result of being wringed through this machine, carpets are nearly 100% dry. It also prevents the deformations, dirty fringes, detergent residue, and odors that are commonly caused by hanging wet carpets.



4. Drying


4.1 Drying with Hangers

After washing the carpet is hung in the carpet drying area as follows.

The carpet drying hangers can be ordered from any metalworking shop.

Height : as 200 - 220 cm

Hanging distance : 25 cm.



4.2 Carpet Drying Chamber

Dehumiditifier TY015 is providing you dry carpet s in a short time. Dehumiditifier Machine is removing moisture from carpet in 3-4 hours where it is located in dryer room. It allows you to adjust dryer room temperature and humidity.

It is quite effective in winter months when the carpets can not dry in a few hours.

30-40 m2 room should be heat insulated and carpet hanging system should be installed. The machine works like an air conditioner; pumping clean air into the room and throwing out the dehumidif. Moisture inside is compressed and liquidized and expelled. Dry carpets 220-280 m2 in maximum 8-10 hours.


5. Carpet Finishing & Packing Machine


The carpet packaging machine is an industrial cleaning machine that will make a great contribution to companies that want to become professional in quality in the carpet washing sector.

After washing the carpets, the machine can vacuum the carpet fibers and also softens the carpet by combing the carpet fibers.

It is an industrial carpet sweeping and packaging machine that quickly brushes and vacuums carpet piles.

Carpets regain their new appearance after passing through the carpet lint removal machine.

You can perform final inspection, stain control, perfume and packaging operations on the carpets.

Since the lint removal and packaging machine is used in the final stage of carpet cleaning, it facilitates the quality control process required by companies in terms of workmanship and ensures high quality in the product that reaches the delivery stage. 

First of all, you do not need all the machines to set up a professional carpet washing facility. But the must-have products are as follows:

*Carpet Washing Machine (automatic or manual)

*Carpet Spinning Machine

For more detailed information about our products and your professional carpet cleaning business idea, you can examine the machines in our carpet washing category or contact us.