Efficient cleaning with high performance machines in car wash stations

Suitable products for all carpet cleaning masters and master candidates who want to do their job professional

Professional cleaning machines for production areas, storage areas, rest areas, garden and office areas

Hygiene in education is of great importance for the health of students, teachers and other employees.



Our company aims to provide fast-quality and efficient solutions with the latest technology to the problems related to the cleaning systems of our valued customers and helps to identify the cleaning machines needed.

Carpet squeezing machine, fully automatic carpet washing machine, pressure car wash machines, carpet-seat washing machine, industrial type vacuum cleaners, cordless and electric floor cleaning machines, hard floor polishing machine, our company offers a wide range of products, according to the demands of the company and to be able to apply professional type cleaning machines to the companies successfully.

Since 2010

we serve in this sector.


In today's conditions, carpets that are no longer washed in homes are cleaned by professional carpet cleaning companies.

◎    Sector specific planning and project design
◎    Flexible budgeting advantage
◎    Experienced staff in the field
◎    Sharing experience


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