While brushing with a rotating brushed mouth, it is ensured that the carpets are cleaned with strong vacuum.With 45 cm brush length, in-depth cleaning.

While brushing with a rotating brushed mouth, it is ensured that the carpets are cleaned with strong vacuum.With 60 cm brush length, in-depth cleaning.

Large Area - Mosque Vacuum Cleaners


Industrial cleaning machines vary depending on the needs of the users. Nowadays, with the development of technologies, we encounter different industrial type vacuum cleaner products every day. Sometimes, special vacuum cleaners are produced for certain places and areas.

Our machine, produced as a large area carpet vacuum cleaner or mosque vacuum cleaner, is designed to effectively and efficiently clean carpets in areas covered with thick carpets. These products are used in carpeted mosques, prayer rooms, meeting halls, hotels, etc.

Unless carpeted areas are cleaned regularly and with high quality, they will contain more bacteria and will negatively affect public health. Machines that can perform deep cleaning are needed in these areas.

The beater brush in our mosque vacuum cleaner will penetrate deep into thick carpets, pick up dust and dirt with its roller brush and clean it with its powerful vacuum. Mosque vacuum cleaners are also lint removal machines, and they will completely trap the dust in the mosque carpets and large area carpets where they are used. Thanks to the carpet beater brush, it will clean the fluff on the carpets and prevent pilling on the carpet surface.

When the beater brush on the mosque broom works, the user will only direct the machine. Our mosque broom will already move with the rotation and advancement power of the brush. At the same time, brush adjustment is made according to the length of the carpet bristles. The average weight of our machines is 49-50 kg. The pressure applied to the brush with this weight both stabilizes the direction of the machine and affects deep cleaning..

Thanks to the long brush in front of our mosque vacuum cleaner, the areas are cleaned in a shorter time, shortening the labor time and saving labor and time.

We have additional accessories for areas where the brush of our machines cannot enter. Cleaning can also be done in relevant areas with this accessory. For example, stairs, window sills, pulpit etc.

The dust bag in the mosque sweeper is not a disposable paper. It is made of tightly woven fabric and can be used for years thanks to its zipper system. This eliminates the cost of additional dusters. The duster capacity is also larger than other machines on the market.

When mosque vacuum cleaners are used regularly, the dust and dirt that negatively affects people will be eliminated and the carpets will be protected.

Mosque vacuum cleaners are also used by carpet washing companies with their pile removal feature. At the last step of the carpet cleaning phase, carpet washers remove the carpet pile with this machine and deliver the product to their customers.

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