About Us

Our company aims to provide fast-quality and efficient solutions to the problems of the customers in the target market related to cleaning systems with the latest technology and help to determine the required industrial cleaning machines.


With the awareness that the most important element in the Global World is human and environment,competitive in national and international area of industrial cleaning machines sector, constantly evolving and following the innovations with our innovation focus, offering customer-oriented solutions, being a leader sales / marketing company.


  • Reliable
  • Customer focused
  • Quality process management
  • Constantly improving employees
  • Having an innovative understanding
  • Sensitive to the environment and society
  • Supporting the principle of sustainability
  • Respectful
  • Fair approach approach


We carry out all the stages of our business processes with a high level of discipline, systematic and continuous development, but also with an intense work of dedication and high moral understanding.

Develops our employees, who embrace them, establishing close cooperation with our same approach suppliers, affecting our customers with our principles of quality service, then in Turkey and we see it as an important part of our responsibility to take steps that will contribute to the whole world.

In the industrial Cleaning Machines group, our products are produced in Turkey, trying to offer all of our applications on our biggest national and international efforts to comply with these principles.