Ride-on hard floor scrubber driers, Alfa SC195 are ideal for use in large areas factories, business centers, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, schools and many places. They are battery powered scrubber driers providing ease of use andf saving on operation costs.
This ride-on floor cleaning machine model Alfa SC195 is designed for large areas and medium-sized businesses, schools, health institutions, service centers, and shops. With its adjustable brush, it wonderfully cleans all types of hard floors including stone, concrete, granite, marble, epoxy, tile, and wood. It has a maintenance-free dry-gel type rechargeable battery for improved range and mobility. Vacuum motor which features a silent and powerful operation. The machine also has a polyurethane impact resistant coat and an over-flow electronic switch. Its easy-to-use, single person operation does not require skill and can clean an area up to 6750 m2 per hour. As with all of our machines, this machine is guaranteed for two years against all defects in workmanship and manufacturing.

  • Water quantity can be adjusted according to dirties
  • It does not remove dirt such as a mat by spreading it on the surface. It provides effective cleaning by vacuuming
    the dirty water in the floor during brushing.
  • Brush pressure is high, provides thorough cleaning.
  • It is sufficient to use non-foaming surface cleaning chemicals.
  • Chemical use is very minumum and is equal to 1/10 of the amount of chemical used for mop cleaning.
  • Ease of use with wireless. It is used for 3-4 hours with a single charge.
  • In schools, factories, shopping centers, hotels, health care facilities, service centers, stores, markets etc. used in

Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity (V/ah)24/400
Moving  Engine (watt)1200
Brush Motor (watt)600*2
Vacuum Motor (watt)400*2
Fresh Water Tank Capacity  (lt.)195
Dirty Water Tank Capacity (lt)215
Brush Amount and Diameter(cm.)2/53
Brush (rpm)250
Cleaning Width(mm.)1250
Vehicle speed  (km/h)0-5
Dimensions(W-L-H cm)60*148*130
Battery Capacity (V/ah) 24/400
Moving  Engine (watt) 1200
Brush Motor (watt) 600*2
Vacuum Motor (watt) 400*2
Fresh Water Tank Capacity  (lt.) 195
Dirty Water Tank Capacity (lt) 215
Brush Amount and Diameter(cm.) 2/53
Brush (rpm) 250
Cleaning Width(mm.) 1250
Vehicle speed  (km/h) 0-5
Max.Performance(m²/h) 6750-9750
Dimensions(W-L-H cm) 60*148*130
Weight(kg) 800

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