Steam car wash machine car wash using in areas, engine parts detailed cleaning, rim cleaning, electrical panel and etc. While high-pressure washing can cause damage to the parts while performing detailed engine cleaning, steam car washing is the most suitable solution for cleaning sensitive parts.

Usage in Automotive Industry

  • It saves water, electricity and chemicals (detergent).
  • The surface of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned with steam power without scratching.
  • It can be applied to all kinds of stains on vehicles, seats, floors and ceilings. It greatly easier your auto detailed cleaning operation.
  • Provides the removal of bad odors in the vehicle.
  • Provides effective cleaning on vehicle rims and tires without the use of chemicals.
  • In engine cleaning, hygienic and effective cleaning is done without damaging the engine.

Other usage areas

  • Heater radiotor cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning, bathroom, kitchen, window cleaning
  • Hygienic cleaning of water factories and water bottles
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all machines in the production line in factories
  • Cleaning of industrial generators and air conditioners
  • Auto services, parts cleaning

Technical Specifications

Voltage 380V
Presurre 8bar – 120psi
Steam Heating 130 -140C
Heating Time 28 dk
Tank Capacity 30L
Hose Lenght 8m
Sizes 46x53x106cm
Weight 68kg

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