Pressure washers developed for heavy duty conditions with low speed and suitable for continuous use.

  • Used in car washing, factory cleaning and in many areas.
  • Electrical, diesel and petrol models are available upon request.
  • High pressure machines up to 1000 bar are produced from 100 bar pressure.
  • It cleans the dried sludges, chemical and food tanks in a short time by pressure washing.
  • Works silently and without vibration.
  • Hose is high pressure and heat resistant, steel coated.
  • Ceramic piston pump.
  • By-Pass unit that prevents overloading of the pump motor group.
  • Provides thermal protection against overheating for electric motor

Technical Specifications

Voltage (V-Hz) 380  -  50/60
Motor Power (kwatt) 7,5
Water Debi  (lt./min..) 20
Pressure (bar) 250
Motor Rpm ( d /d) 1000
Case Material Choreme
Dimensions (W-L-H cm.) 60-125-60
Weight (kg.) 125